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book cover - happy young womanMake use of this list of positive emotions to help increase your “Emotional I.Q.”

You could call this a teaching list, it can be used to train yourself in experiencing some emotions with which you might not often be in touch.

When it comes to feeling different emotions, you really do have a say and absolute choice. How we respond to scenarios in life is within our power to change.

Positive feelings open up possibilities, raise our sense of hope and increase our ability to keep stepping forward. “Growing” positive emotions by being more focused on them, tends to produce even more good feelings, it’s exponential in its effect.

Scroll through the list and with each emotion, ask yourself, “When was the last time I recall fully experiencing this emotion? How could I feel this emotion more often?”

Practice using these emotions by choosing one to focus on, each day. Notice where and how it shows up in your life, and include it in your day when you see opportunity for doing that.

Practicing with these will strengthen your “emotional muscles” and you’ll gain some insight into how much choice you truly do have, regarding how you feel.

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