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For years we have had many conversations about The Law of Attraction - the idea that you can get what you want simply by creating a clear mental picture of what you desire and using your imagination to see it with your mind’s eye.

It all sounds very tempting doesn’t it – is there really any such thing as the Law of Attraction or is it just a myth?

Many would argue that personal attributes such as the ability to maintain a positive attitude have a great effect on the circumstances of life; and so, at the root, our basic thinking might be found to be the ultimate cause of many positive and negative experiences in life.

This little book provides an excellent introduction to the subject.

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P.S. Imagine a society where teamwork, loyalty and communication are the norm rather than the exception. Sound like utopia? Actually, it’s already present in nature – in a wolf pack. The wolf pack knows who it is. Those in the pack exist for each other. Enjoy the video... Wisdom From Wolves.

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